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Multiple Auctions

This platform presents an entire portfolio of residential, commercial and industrial properties to a pool of qualified cash buyers, in one single sitting, resulting in multiple successful sales being concluded.

On Site Auctions

On-site auctions provide a bespoke platform to showcase one single property in its entirety, allowing prospective bidders the opportunity to immerse themselves into the property, while at the same time competing with other bidders. Where a property has huge aesthetic appeal, this platform is often most successfully used.

Online Auctions

Live online streaming facilitates remote bidding, so that the online audience is linked to the auction venue, for real-time competitive bidding, no matter where in the world you are. Cannot make the auction? Call +27 21 425 8822 to register for live online bidding or live telephonic bidding.

Movable Asset Auctions

We act on behalf of some of the country's largest financial institutions and liquidation companies to sell repossessed and used motor vehicles, vessels or aircraft as well as general household contents or factory, plant and machinery.

Private Sales

With an active pool of qualified cash buyers to select from, ClareMart is able to market a specific property to these buyers, using aggressive digital marketing campaigns. A private sale is facilitated, without having to take the property to auction.

Private Tender

This platform allows potential buyers the opportunity to submit a private/sealed bid, with an offer to purchase, within a specified time frame. After the cut-off date, the envelopes are opened and the highest offers presented to the seller for approval.

Boardroom Auctions

These auctions are arranged for clients wanting to dispose of both movable and immovable assets. They are conducted in a private boardroom setting and are normally only attended by pre-qualified bidders.