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Values change over time, therefore a professional updated valuation is essential

We are here to help

Claremart offers professional valuation services of both immovable & movable assets across South Africa at affordable rates. Our Valuations are performed by qualified and experienced senior Valuers with extensive knowledge across multiple disciplines in all property classes.

A Valuation is practical in the following instances:

  • Establish an independent view of the estimated amount for which an asset should exchange for on the date of valuation between a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arm’s length transaction;
  • Making an informed marketing, buying or rental decision;
  • Portfolio analyses;
  • Financial reporting;
  • Mortgage lending;
  • Dealing with legal settlements, e.g. divorce cases and deceased estates;
  • Selling of distressed assets during a liquidation and/or a sequestration;
  • Private litigation resolution including divorce settlements and court orders
  • Establishing an auction reserve price

Values change with conditions, therefore a professional updated valuation is essential.

We are here to help.

Know your true value, NOW